About me

Name: Sandra (Pen Name: Sunny)

Birthday: March 14th 1981

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Where were you born: Wuppertal, Germany

Where do you live now: Fürth, Germany

Height: 5’4

Hair Color: Currently blond

Eye Color: green/gold/greyish

Tattoos:  none yet

Piercings:  Just ears (3 on one side, 2 on the other)


Color: turquoise

Food:  Strawberry, banana and sadly pizza… and the grilled chicken wrap

Candy: wine gum

Movie: Fight club, legend of the fall, hunger games, …..

TV Show: WWE Monday Night RAW :D

Actor:  Brad Pitt (not because of his looks), Edward Norton, …

Actress: There are some I like but one I can really think of now now…

Favorite Author: Jostein Gaarder!, Terry Pratchett

Band or Singer:  30 seconds to mars, Adele, …

Song:  Right now Call me maybe, but I have tons of “all time favourites”

Holiday: Spring

Season: Spring

Day of the week: Saturday

Store: Müller (a drugstore)

Restaurant: a greek near us

Sport: swimming, walking (maybe running some day), gym

Animal: Cats

Flower: Daisy

*Have you ever*

Danced in the rain: Yes

tripped and had an embarrassing fall: Every second day-.-

smoked: Yes, but I just tried. I have never been a smoker

got drunk: No

done drugs: No

gone skinny dipping: Yes :B

been in a car accident: no

been in love: hell yes

met the President: no

met a celebrity: Yes, some germans you will not know and Robin Williams

cried over a movie: yes, yes, yes… so many times

laughed so hard you cried: yes

cried for no reason at all: no… even my reasons can be really silly :B

*the last*

thing you said: “I almost forgot that I have been skinny dipping a few times!”

thing you ate: A pizza bag thing with gost cheese and peperoni

song you heard: Call me maybe

movie you saw:  Hunger games 

cd you bought: Real CD? I can’t really remember.Must have been “incubus”.

book you read:  Hunger games ^^

phone call: from my dentist -.-

im: my bf ^^

person you yelled at: some guy in the subway yesterday :B

*This or that*

pepsi or coke: depends on my mood

mcdonalds or burger king: burger king

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

tv or movies: movies

colored pencils or markers: markers

sun or moon: sun

day or night: day

pants or shorts: pants

long sleeve or short sleeve: short sleeve (since I start to like my arms)

n’sync or backstreet boys: I have been a huge backstreet boys fan when I was 15 ^^

burgers or hot dogs: burgers

rock or rap: Rock! ,,/

aim or phone: aim (I hate the phone)

romantic comedy or thriller: depends on my mood

waffles or pancakes: waffle

peanut butter or jelly: peanut butter


what color is your toothbrush: turquiose and white

do you believe in love at first sight: yes

have you ever wished upon a star: yes

what other language (s) do you speak: german, english, a very little bit dutch and italian

if you dyed your hair what color would you dye it: it is dyed blond ^^

if you could change your name what would you change it to: Alex

what are the last four digits of your phone number: 5903

what’s the weather like right now: cloudy :(

what instruments do you play: I used to play the cello, piano, keyboard, german flute… at the moment I only sing

do you talk to yourself a lot: yes