100 Followers Giveaway

Hello my beloved followers,

I made it! Today I reached 100 followers and to show you how much your support means to me I’ll give you something. I’m not rich enough to buy you anything expensive but I really want it to be special… so I’ll make you something handmade!

I will give away 2 things for my followers, 1 for everyone who reposts this post, 1 for someone who sends me a massage. You can tell me what you want to have. A knitted cap, earrings, a bag, a hairband for your daughter… just tell me what you want and I will try to make it :D

I don’t want this to be advertisment for my blog. It’s supposed to be a “Thank you” for everyone who motivated me to go on and get closer to my goal every day.

Oh, and ignore the picture… it’s the only one I found with some of my selfmade stuff *blush*

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 26

Write your current weight. Have you lost anything in the past week? If not, what are your plans for this week?

I gained a pound *sighs*. I know it’s just a pound and I lost a lot allready but I also feel all wobbly and puffed up.

I need to sleep more and I need to move more. Especially the sleeping part has been BAD the whole last week.

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 35

Have you ever „fasted“? What was the reason for it?

No, but I am thinking about trying it. Only for a day to break the plateau I am on right now. To give my body a new impuls.

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 34

Do you take your meals from home to work? If so, what do you usually prepare?

At the moment I am jobless but I will prepare some food for work as soon as I have a new job. Most probably I’ll bring some veggies and fruits and lots of water!

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 33

 Are you on a diet or are you making this a lifestyle?

Lifestyle. Diets just don’t work for me and I wouldn’t want to miss workout ever again. I enjoy it way too much.

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 32

Try a new fruit today. Learn how to cut/eat it and enjoy! How was it?

It’s passionfruit. Well, it’s not completly new to me but I just ate it once before. I just love it’s taste in a fruit salad :)

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 31

What are your favorite workout clothes you own?

I normally wear black. I read a lot about girls who wear black for the fat that’s dying and stuff like that… I am just not confident enough for colorful workout clothes. So at the gym I wear lose black clothes. When I workout at home I might just wear my underwear :D

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 30

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

Never have been, never will be. I love meat way to much. I can easily have some veggie-days but when I see a really good steak or some chicken or tuna you can’t hold me back ;)

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 29

Write your current weight. Have you lost anything in the past week? If not, what are your plans for this week?

My weight today was 106.8 kg (235 lbs). It’s 1 lbs less then last week. It’s okay, since we started going to the gym and I hopefully gained a little muscle.

But next week I’ll have to eat cleaner. I cheated a lot and my stomache hated it. Looking forward to more veggies and especially more fruits!


I need to find a workout-routine to do whilest watching Soccer on TV. I enjoy watching it but I feel so damn lazy…

1st goal: 5 pushups

2 goal: 30 seconds plank

… or something like that.

Any ideas?

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 26

Do your friends know about you wanting to lose weight? Do they support you?

Most of them know. Some don’t care (they don’t care about the looks of people, they only look at the inside… that’s why I love them ^^), some support me a lot. My boyfriend is my best friend and he supports me in every way. He just cooks way to good so stop eating is very hard sometimes :D

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 25

Today you will try a new smoothie. Find a new healthy recipe online and mix & match fruits and veggies and enjoy! But it must be totally new and adventurous!

That’s perfect today. I’ll see what I can get for that smoothie :D

Today I’ll gain weight…

… and it’s okay. My boyfriend and me will have a lazy lunch in front of the tv with our new tablets. RAW and pizza (with veggies). I deserve this.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to serious workout-buisness!

10 kg … 22 lbs … Winning!

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Day 23

How much water do you usually drink in a day?

I drink about 2-3 liters every day. Not everything is water but I am working on drinking more water and less other stuff. It’s still very hard. I mostly drink volvic with taste… this is the best compromise I can make at the moment.